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Historically, Nana Kwame Onini Afari I moved with his people, originally from Akrokyere Subenso in Adanse.  They Moved because of the tyranny of the king of Denkyira, Boa Amponsem.

In their search for an ideal place to settle, Nana Kwame Onini Afari I and his people moved from place to place mainly because of wars.  They dreamt of a land of valleys, cool lakes and clear streams with good slopes to drain the land leaving no ditches for stagnant water and mosquito bleeding places when it rained.  A land, well graveled to check erosion, prevent it from turning muddy during rainy reason and turning dusty during dry season.  They fantasized a land, which had good and enough fertile area around for farming.  It should also have excellent vegetation including matured rainy and tropical forests for lumber, building and firewood.  There, food and fruits should be in abundance and natural; pollution should be absent in the air and communication should be by the use of talking drums.  It should not be a problem for hunters and fishers to get their bounty at any time and place.

After a long and successful reign, Nana Kwame Omini Afari I died at Aboakyi-abowa. Nana was not to be buried but to be laid to rest in a cave.  The search for the ideal cave became eminent and Adu Yaw, an ingenious hunter was put in charge of it.

The feeling of joy among the people was enormous, when one day Adu returned with the good new that, at the long last, he had found the ideal cave at the bank of river Subiri.  What is more, he said that the surrounding area of fruits, some of which he brought with him, fitted exactly, the description of the dram land they had been searching for.
Nan Bediako Akenten I, who succeeded his uncle Nana Kwame Omini Afari I, sent a delegation to verify Yaw Adu’s discovery.

They came with unanimous confirmation that, Adu did not lie, for the land they saw was the same as he described.
“Adu did not lie”, in Akan means “Adu amoa” When the subject and the predicate were put together, it became Aduamoa, the name of the new settlement.  Nana Kwame Onini Afari I was laid to rest in a cave which was name, “Oboomu.”